Industrial Filtration

Industrial Filtration

LAKOS industrial filtration products are used in industrial process applications to prevent fouling
in cooling towers and heat exchangers, remove solids from process water, machine coolants, hot cooking oil and other liquids.

High Efficiency Liquid-Solid Separators

Filter performance rated to remove 98% of all solids 44 microns (325 mesh), 2.6 specific gravity, and larger in a single pass.

No moving parts to wear out; no barriers or media to replace.

Low and steady pressure loss; as low as 3 psi.

The eJPX Separator, is able to remove up to 98% of 44 microns (325 mesh) and larger solids in a single pass (with 2.6 specific gravity). Ideal for industrial/commercial applications. Pre-plumbed for quick installation of the SmartPurge System which can detect solids level in Separator and automatically activate purge valve.

LAKOS Industrial Separators are often used in these industries:

Ethanol production


Water treatment

Steel mill filtration

Oil and gas desanding

Removing crumbs from hot cooking oil

Many other applications

Watercare NZ
River water filtration
Six (6) JSK-4200-L

Sea water desalination plant
Perth WA
Two (2) JSK-4200-L

Process cooling water filtration
Onesteel NSW

Truck Wash Facility
Pilbara WA
Two Stainless Steel JPX -0450-L